2017-2018 Ram SRT-10 Hellcat 95

This is nothing more then a cool concept video I found of a 2017-2018 Ram Hellcat. It would be powered by a V10 supercharged engine that would pump out major horsepower. Take a listen to what the Ram Hellcat would sound like in the video above.

3 thoughts on “2017-2018 Ram SRT-10 Hellcat

  1. The Ram Hellcat needs to happen in 2017! Having a supercharged V10 ripping up the roads would be amazing. The styling in the video is pretty cool but I doubt it would look like this. Either way the 2017 Ram Hellcat SRT10 needs to happen!

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  2. This isn’t going to happen ever. The Dodge Ram SRT-10 will be called just that, not hellcat. Big fan of the Ram SRT-10 & really hope to see a nice version in 2017. Solid video and is entertaining.

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  3. I would like to see a Ram and Jeep hellcat version. I doubt that it will ever happen but hey we can wish. I say put all the technology from the Charger/Challenger Hellcat into the V10 of the Ram and V8 of the Jeep. It will open up more sales for Dodge that’s for sure.

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