2018-2019 GT500 “Eleanor” Cobra “Termi” – The King is Back 2

Anyone every drive or drive in a 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra “code name Terminator”? Well the king of the streets can make a return in 2018-2019! In this video you see a 2018-2019 GT500 Cobra Terminator style with Eleanor type style, but it looks very much like a modern day Termi. The 5.2L Voodoo engine produces well over 550 horsepower but with a high output supercharger it will likely be in the area of 800+ hp.

With the new Dodge Demon coming out, Ford needs to up it’s horsepower game. What better idea then to bring back the most aggressive Mustang ever built “Cobra Terminator”. This Mustang is notorius on the street still for being the most aggressive sounding and looking thing Ford has ever built. The Supercharge scream complimented with the deep throat exhaust makes almost anyone pee their pants when it comes around. What do you think of this Terminator Cobra concept? Do you think Ford should bring back a limited edition Temi?

5 thoughts on “2018-2019 GT500 “Eleanor” Cobra “Termi” – The King is Back

  1. I can see a lot the 2003-2004 Termi Cobra fans wanting this that’s for sure. I doubt they will make a 2018-2019 Cobra with the new GT500 and I think Bullitt now coming out. We shall see though, this would be amazing! I personally love the styling from the Eleanor 67 GT500 so this would be something I would want.

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  2. WTH did I just watch!!! This would be sick to see on the road. If Ford comes out with a 2018-2019 Cobra Mustang again it would be amazing. Listen to that supercharger, it’s music to any Mustang fans ears. PLEASE Ford make this! Anyone that missed the boat in 2003-2004 can finally get a monster Cobra Termi.

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  3. So this just combined my 2 favorite Mustangs of all time! The 1967 GT500 Eleanor and 2003-2004 Cobra Terminator. If this comes out I’m selling my house for it, that’s how much I would love to see a 2018-2019 Cobra that looks and sounds like this. Ford will likely never make it but we can all dream.

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  4. Ford isn’t going to do it unfortunately, the Mach 1 has a better chance of getting back on the road. It would be amazing seeing a new Termi Cobra on the roads but I think that was just a 2003-2004 thing. 2018-2019 Mustangs will likely include GT, GT350, GT500, Bullitt & Mach 1. I could be wrong.

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