2018-2019 Mustang Bullitt 1

Ford has been busy piecing the new 2017-2018 GT500 together, but many think the new Bullitt is in the works. The Mustang Bullitt may make it’s return in 2018-2019 based on some leaked photos from a Ford design room. The Mustang Bullitt will likely be close in power to the standard GT, having a N/A 5.0L with a higher flowing cold air intake and exhaust system. Where the Bullitt will separate it self is in the handling department, receiving upgraded rims/tires, suspension, gears & other handling performance upgrades.

In this video you get an idea of what the 2018-2019 Mustang Bullitt can look and sound like. Make sure to share your thoughts on what you think of the video and/or if Ford should release a new version of the Bullitt. Right now we have the GT, GT350 & GT500 (soon) versions (Some want to see a Mach 1 on the road again).

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